Side Effects of Quitting Smoking

Quitting Smoking Side Effects

Quitting smoking is not an easy problem for smokers, but there is an interesting side effect from quitting, here are the side effects of quitting smoking:

1. Feel weird
If you stop smoking, the first thing you feel is a weird feeling, you will never feel calm, because it tends to interfere with the strange feeling your activities, you will feel something is missing, feel there is not yet done or feel lost. This is one effect of nicotine is addictive to its users.

2. Easy to Panic
Easy to panic here because chemicals from cigarettes (nicotine), one of which serves as a calming the mind, when you decide to quit smoking, nicotine indirectly in your body has been reduced and this causes it difficult to relax or cool down.  

3. Hard to think
You are not a genius like when you were a smoker, to quit the habit of smoking, will make you like a slow in responding to the problem. Why?  Since the function of one of the nicotine is improving short-term memory.

This is a side effects of quitting smoking is the most commonly experienced by people who work in the office.

4. Overweight
You will love to eat, especially eating snacks to replace the activity of smoking, so that you will unwittingly overweight. Actually this can be replaced with some sports activities, but most people would prefer to eat rather than sport. This is a side effects of quitting smoking is the most commonly experienced by woman.

5. Easy sleepy
One side effect of nicotine is not easy to make a person drowsy,  therefore not surprising that a heavy smoker prefers to work at night than during the day. Reduced levels of nicotine in self cause you will easily sleepiness and fatigue, so sleep is a good choice.

That series of side effects of quitting smoking, do not be surprised if a lot of tips to quit smoking is necessary to mention the unanimous determination.

It is not easy to break free from smoking, smoking is harmful to health and quitting smoking is not easy, even though I've managed to do it, option is on your own - respectively.

Quit Smoking Effects in Minutes Counts

Lung Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, 8.6 million Americans suffer from diseases related with smoking, the biggest heart and lungs. 20 percent of Americans die from smoking-related diseases.

Most of the people know the danger of a cigarette. However, eliminating the smoking habit is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand.   

To be able to quit smoking must be based on the desire, determination and commitment to from within the person. Not infrequently, each time you change the habit stop smoking, your body will create a reaction.

Side effects of quitting smoking include a variety of symptoms such as mental and physical. But if you are able to survive and be able to change the habit of smoking, a lot of positive effects you can. This is the effect of quitting smoking gradually starting from a few minutes a count of the year:

* 20 minutes: Nicotine can increase blood pressure and heart rate, leading to increased risk of heart attack. If in 20 minutes you are able to quit smoking, heart rate and blood pressure will go down as normal.

* 8 hours: Do not smoke for 8 hours, will make the levels of nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in the blood is reduced, it also causes a decrease in heart attack risk. Oxygen in your blood will also increase to normal.

* 24 hours: You may have the risk of heart attack decreases. All carbon monoxide and nicotine out of the body. Your nerve endings start re-growing lead increased ability sense of smell and taste.

* 48 hours: This is the hard part, because within 48 hours you will experience side effects poor such as abdominal pain, vomiting, and also the possibility of experiencing hypothermia. But the other benefits you will get, including lowering the risk of lung damage and lung cancer.

* 72 hours:  Bronchial tubes begin to relax and breathe easier.

* After 2 weeks: Lung function increases up to 30% thus increasing blood circulation. Walking becomes easier. 

But it can also cause withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, headaches, and anxiety, which is why antidepressant works well in quitting smoking.

* Between 1-9 months: Cilia in the lungs begin to function properly by clearing the lungs of mucus, thereby reducing the risk of infection.

* After 1 year: Your risk of suffering from smoking-related diseases such as a heart attack will be reduced compared to the current half a year ago.

* After 10 years: Risk of heart attack and lung cancer, as a man who had never smoked. Similarly, the risk of other diseases such as cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, bladder, cervix, and pancreas also decreases.

This Happen When You Stop Smoking


Quitting smoking is something that is very difficult and painful. But, you know what what will happen to your body without the contamination of nicotine and tobacco.

Four out of five people are smokers, both men and women. Although it has been widely echoed side effects of smoking. Effects of addiction that make you cannot stop smoking.

But, when your body starts to react to tobacco and nicotine intake, you have to immediate plans to get out of bad habits. Difficult and painful. It will be felt. But once you implement the tough decisions, you have to stick to it.
Consider the list of positive things that happen to you when you quit smoking:
Your high blood pressure down to normal.

Smokers have a higher blood pressure levels and nicotine intake dismiss brought back normal blood pressure levels.

Blood circulation in the body increases.

Once you stop smoking, the carbon monoxide in the blood will be much reduced in a week. This makes the blood circulation in the body increases.

Oxygen in the body increases.

When you stop smoking the oxygen levels in your body rise. This causes the blood circulation better. Smoking builds up of toxins in the body that affect the color of the skin. Increased blood circulation posted flushes toxins from your body and help in getting back skin glow.

Improve brain function.

If you do not smoke for 2-3 days, it is believed that the reduced levels of nicotine from your system. Nicotine slows brain function.

Healthier metabolism.

The body increases your metabolism and your energy levels increase. You'll feel more active and healthy

* Hopefully this article about the side effects of quitting smoking can be useful.